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Saxon Agriculture

We’re the UK-based seed, grain and organics trading division of the international agribusiness GrainCorp. We specialise in the trade, import and export of cereals, oilseeds and pulses and are a leading supplier of arable seeds and organic agriproducts in the UK.

We are a leading UK organic supplier

Our customers benefit from specialist knowledge and global insight

– Alastair Garner, Organic Trader

We’re a customer focused grain and oilseeds merchant

We help farmers monetise their produce and manage risk. We trade in core commodities across cereals, pulses and oilseeds, and we manage logistics to store, handle and haul produce. Combining our local expertise and GrainCorp’s global network, we also import and export to best match our customer’s requirements. Our people are passionate about what they do, helping to provide an essential service in bringing produce from farm to table.


Our online customer portal VISION is the place for farmer customers to access a wide variety of information, including account information and history, and sample results for quality feedback and insights.

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Quality Assurance

At Saxon, our fully accredited grain testing laboratory and quality assurance processes cover our entire supply chain, backed by our laboratory technicians who help ensure the integrity and quality of seed and delivered grain. Read more about our approach to quality assurance, certifications and details of our laboratory services.


Sustainability is at the heart of our culture, our strategy and a critical part of the way we do business. We believe being sustainable means that each of us should act with integrity, align around our core values and have a growth mindset to create a better business and environment for those around us.


Commodity Trading

We trade in conventional and organic cereals, pulses, oilseeds and other agriproducts. We also supply seeds and produce seed under contract for wholesale and retail markets.

Manage Risk and Compliance

We support farmer and processor customers in managing their risk by connecting their produce and requirements to market. We manage supply chain risk through our inhouse high standard of logistics, customer care and quality assurance.

Storage, Handling, Haulage

Working with accredited partners in the storage and handling of produce we ensure the maintenance of supply chain integrity and grain quality. Our experienced logistics team handles all aspects of shipping – land and cross border.

Consumer Preference

We lead the way working with seed breeders, consumer processors and farmers to develop and supply a broad selection of preferred and up-and-coming cereal, pulse and oilseed varieties. We are acutely aware of the impact and how important it is to supply the right product to match consumer requirements. Backed by our quality assurance, networks and supply chain management, we source organic and non-organic produce locally and abroad.

Import and Export

Our international network of suppliers, processor customers and other key stakeholders connects the UK with markets and product around the world. We also tap into GrainCorp’s global network, bringing deep insights and real-time data to our import/export service.

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The Saxon and GrainCorp Way

We share a passion for excellence in customer service, innovative thinking, maintaining high standards and integrity, and embracing a growth mindset.

As part of the global GrainCorp family, we also share its values to:

  • Lead the Way through inclusivity, integrity and innovation
  • Own the Result and be accountable for our actions
  • Deliver for Our Customers by listening and coming through for them
  • Commit to Safety by taking responsibility for our employees, contractors, visitors and communities.