Vision is our digital portal providing access to real-time information on your farmer customer
account anytime in one secure place:
  • Sample results – analysed by our laboratory
  • Contracts – past and forward commitments
  • Haulage – past and scheduled loads
  • Invoices – past concluded loads
Information for new users
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General enquiries and lost passwords
Contact Vicky Cooper on 01760 726054 or contact us
Will Vision work on my mobile?

Yes, Vision is optimised for mobile use.

I have more than one account with Saxon, can I see them with a single login?
Yes, although access to the requested accounts will need to be verified
I would like more than one of my team to have access - can we have more than one login?
Yes, please contact Vicky Cooper on 01760 726054 or contact us
to raise this request for verification
Vision isn’t displaying properly, what can I do?
From time to time we implement updates to Vision. A troubleshooting tip is refreshing cache on your computer by pressing “Ctrl” and “F5” (together), which updates the stored cache version of the site.