Our operating model is to connect farmers with processor customers, helping farmers monetise and processors procure product to match their marketing and demand requirements. For more than 25 years, we have been a trusted trading merchant and partner, trading across a range of conventional cereals and pulses.

Backed by our inhouse grain testing laboratory, we buy farm produce to supply processors, as well as supply animal feed, seeds and fertiliser. We also manage all storage, handling, haulage and import/export logistics.

Our experienced trading team buys grain from across the UK and works closely with our international network of agents and stakeholders to manage risk and connect grain supply and demand.

Saxon Flexi-Fund

Our pool-based Saxon Flexi-Fund has a strong performance history, delivering leading market returns for our customers. We offer commodity options for UK wheat, barley, oilseed rape and beans. Pools are just one of the ways we help farmers manage risk while seeking a stronger average return for their crops.

Over the past 15 seasons, our Wheat Flexi-Fund returns have out-performed the Norfolk ex-farm market by an average of £3.37/mT. In 2020, the Harvest return of £167.48 was £7.69/mT above the Norfolk ex-farm market, and the December return of £181.33 was £17.20 higher.

And over the past four seasons, our Barley Flexi-Fund has returned an average £7.88/mT more than the ex-farm price, including a £12.32 outperformance with the December 2020 return.

Download the latest Flexi-Fund Commitment Form for more details and to commit to the Flexi-Fund for 2021.