Sustainability sits at the core of all we do at Saxon. It’s part of our culture, our strategy and ingrained in the way we operate as a business. We believe it goes beyond corporate social responsibility and challenges each of us to:

  • act with integrity to the letter, spirit and intent of all applicable laws
  • live the values of Saxon Agriculture and GrainCorp
  • have a growth mindset and use our creativity and innovative thinking to make Saxon a better place for our employees, customers and communities, now and into the future.

As part of being a UK business involved in global business, we hold ourselves to high standards as an employer, community partner, trading partner and stakeholder. We work closely with GrainCorp to make sure we consistently operate above standards that are expected of an international business.

We do this through:

  • Employee engagement – goal setting, performance reviews, development planning
  • Employee training – awareness and mandatory training on topics including Anti Bribery & Corruption, Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking, Data Protection
  • Whistleblowing – encouraged for employees to use to report any wrongdoing
  • Product sourcing and procurement – vetting suppliers and customers, and being vetted as a supplier, via compliance questionnaires, due diligence and audits
  • Risk reporting – daily reporting of operations and commercial interactions, and operational risk registers
  • Operations – local and internationally recognised accreditations

GrainCorp publishes an annual Sustainability Report that highlights how the business is tracking against its sustainability goals. View the report here.

Supply Chain

Being a sustainable business also involves interacting with quality assured individuals and businesses. In addition to undertaking due diligence with new or renewed third party business relationships, we also have a code of conduct that outlines the standards and principles that we expect our suppliers to meet when conducting business with us. This includes standards around:

  • Protecting the environment
  • Respecting human rights
  • Prohibiting modern slavery labour practices
  • Prohibiting child labour
  • Ensuring reasonable working hours and wages
  • Providing a safe working environment
  • Acting lawfully and with integrity
  • Adequately managing grievances

Modern Slavery 

We are a Sedex member and committed to being a responsible and sustainable business. Using Sedex tools and services helps our company improve our responsible business practices.