About Us

We are Saxon Agriculture, a UK-based seed and grain merchant. We specialise in the trade, import and export of cereals, oilseeds and pulses and are a leading supplier of arable seeds and organic agriproducts in the UK.

We have integrated operations across seed sales and contract seed production, merchanting of cereals, pulses and oilseeds, merchanting of organic grain and feed-products, in-house supply chain logistics, all backed by end-to-end quality assurance.

Our unwavering focus on and passion for customer service, quality assurance, innovative solutions and growth define us.

Founded in 1993, we have grown across our head office and laboratory in Norfolk, and a second office in Yorkshire. In 2009 we joined GrainCorp, a leading international agribusiness listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

We became the UK-based trading hub for GrainCorp’s international grain trading division in 2014, which combined our international network with GrainCorp’s operations in Europe, the Black Sea precinct, North America and Australasia.

In 2019 we were established as a distinct UK trading business – Saxon Agriculture Ltd. Fully funded and supported by our parent company GrainCorp, we’re focused on sustainably supporting and developing with our customers, partners and suppliers.

Leadership Team

Marcus Oldfield

Managing Director

Tyvian Stabler

Finance Director

Mark Smith

Head of Grain Trading

Tony Foster

Head of Supply Chain

Jonathan Baxendale

Head of Seed Trading

Alastair Garner

Head of Organics Trading