Quality Assurance

Having high standards is one thing, being able to assure those standards are met and maintained is another. At Saxon, we have a range of practical tools and techniques to provide confidence that quality requirements are fulfilled.

We hold internationally recognised accreditations that guardrail our standards and processes for UK and import / export trade. Compliance with these accreditations is tested typically annually via audits, in addition to ongoing regular internal assessments. Certificates of accreditation include:

  • European Feed & Food Ingredients Safety (EFISC-GTP) Certification – PDF
  • Organic Food Federation (OFF) Certificate – PDF
  • Trade assurance scheme for combinable crops incorporating REDII’ (TASCC) Certificate  – PDF

Our TASCC accredited laboratory can carry out testing of Seed and Grain (Conventional and Organic) samples. Located at our Norfolk office in Swaffham, we work with suppliers and processor customers towards accurate and certified sample analysis so that we can help suppliers make the best marketing decisions for their goods and ensure customers get what they need.

Our laboratory is resourced and operational all year round, to provide the following quality testing services:

  • Harvest samples – either drawn as a representative on-farm sample by our experienced samplers, collected from farm or free postage mailing service directly to the laboratory.
  • Post-harvest samples – all year-round analysis for samples already in the laboratory or newly sent to us from storage.
  • Supply chain samples – all year-round analysis of samples delivered from potential suppliers in the UK and overseas.

Sample results are available by email or on our Vision portal. If you have requested a DON, ZON or OTA test, these certificates will be sent to you directly.

Grain testing – 800g sample required.

  • Cereals - Moisture, Specific weight, Nitrogen, Protein, Hagberg, Screenings, Germination, DON test, ZON test, OTA test
  • Oilseed Rape - Moisture, Oils, Admix
  • Linseed - Moisture
  • Beans - Moisture, Bushel, Admixture, Bruchid Beetle
  • Peas - Moisture, Admix, Waste and Stain

Seed testing - 2kg sample required.

  • Cereals - Purity, Moisture, 1000 grain weight, Screenings, Specific weight, Tetrazolium, Viability (T2), Germination
  • Beans - Moisture, Specific weight, Admixture, Bruchid Beetle, Germination
  • Peas - Moisture, Germination
  • Linseed - Moisture, Germination

Grain Passports

Download the form for the Saxon Grain Passport or Saxon Organic Grain Passport to ensure load tracking and meet with our high level of compliance and quality.